Stretch & Scare

We (I…) had a bit of a scary thing happen the other day. 

I started having a strong, sharp pain on the left side of my abdomen Tuesday afternoon. It started out in one area then felt like it was running from my ribs all the way down to my groin, all along the left side of my abdomen. Honestly started out feeling like a pulled muscle. But it progressively got really intense, hurting whether I was sitting, standing or laying down. 

I really got worried when it began hurting intensely when I urinated. I wasn’t even pushing my urine stream, and it was still a super stabbing pain. It was a constant battle all day of trying to fight off the evil thoughts and stay positive. Since I haven’t felt the baby move yet, it’s hard not to worry something could be wrong. I’ve been dying to be able to feel it move, just so I can have that peace of mind at the very least.

By the end of the night, I was in tears and the pain spiked at about an 8 on a scale of 1-10 when I urinated. I actually have a fairly high pain tolerance, too. Hubs immediately made me lay down and prayed over me. I love when he prays – he has a crazy gifting of faith in chaotic situations that makes me feel so at ease. We prayed that the pain would just melt away in my sleep. I was so scared in the moment I was just bawling. But I was able to fall asleep.

In the morning, the pain was gone. I could tell that I shouldn’t stretch or strain the area still, but I haven’t felt the same pain since. Hoping it was just this muscle that my registered massage therapist friend described that runs along the sides of my abdomen and can get crazy stretched during pregnancy. Over the last week my tummy has gotten a lot more pregnant looking so that would make sense.

Anywho, trying to see that little scare as a teaching moment to stay calm when I don’t know what’s happening, and just trust God’s design for my body. He wouldn’t put my body through something it couldn’t handle. He designed this process to be possible. He made my body to hold and grow my baby. I can do this without fear that I couldn’t manage the process. 

And also to remember that He has gifted me with an unbelievable husband who desires to love me like Jesus and be the best father to this little life that he can be. He’s doing a damn good job so far.


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