Good God, round ligament pain.

My stomach looks too small to have a pomegranate sized baby inside it and it’s freaking me out.

Why can’t I feel this thing move?!

Congratulations baby on the proportionate limbs and osscifying bones.

If I sing to you, can you hear me yet?

19 days 17 hours 39 minutes 10 seconds until our gender ultrasound.

I spend a lot of time not sleeping at night and sleeping too easy during the day.

Trying to decide if the snoogle pillow is even helping me with comfort at night or making it worse.

It’s so consistently hot, our A/C unit can’t keep up. It’s always about 6-7 degrees hotter than we have it set to.

I spent an hour today looking at photos of dogs and babies together and crying like a lunatic.

I’m actively mad at my husband right now for not letting me have this golden retriever pup that a couple nearby is trying to rehome. I might not talk to him for a few hours. Yes, I already have two large dogs. Logic be damned.

My Chinese food last night was lackluster and it made me really sad.

Had a ridiculous stinging pain in my right nipple yesterday. Told my mom about it and she gets the same thing, even now. Womanhood is so weird.

Hubs is working in Washington state next week 😥

Oh yeah, and I quit my job.

Being pregnant is awesome.



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